Book - Whooosh! There Goes My Heart!

Book - Whooosh! There Goes My Heart!

Frank Glew

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This book brings out that special, instinctive feeling of giving your heart away to a child. It illustrates in a humourous way the unconditional love that captures you when engaging children. You willingly give your heart away forever. It is for anyone who wants to share this unique heart-warming feeling with them. The true price of love is your heart. 

There is something magic about children. They keep you young. They give you exercise. They make you happy. They reveal the true meaning of life by giving us never-ending open love. You sleep like a baby after their visit. What more could we ask?

One of the most important gifts we can give children is our time and to make sure they are raised with a meaningful and engaging respect for Mother Earth. The benefits of connecting with nature are many and will last a lifetime.

Written and published by Frank Glew in Kitchener, Ontario.

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