Book - Eggbert's Dragon Dream

Book - Eggbert's Dragon Dream

Frank Glew

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An ACTION story with a good message, Eggbert's dream is to be happy. At first he thinks being rich, scary and powerful like a dragon would make him be the happiest creature of all. The kind Spirit of the Earth gives him wishes to help. Eggbert quickly learns a most important lesson. Being rich and powerful does not make friends or give happiness. Finally, Eggbert makes a wish that truly solves his problem. By using the real life cycle of the dragonfly, this story teaches a valuable lesson about our need for friends and helping others. It encourages children to aspire to be all they can be in life. 

Signed by the author! 

Written and published by Frank Glew in Kitchener, Ontario.

This product traveled 115km to reach us.

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