The Secret Door

The Secret Door

Family Pastimes

  • $15.00

A mystery game! Valuables have been stolen, and we have to find them before Midnight. Together we search through the Mansion for clues. At Midnight, the Thieves may slip away with all the hidden booty!

Children enjoy figuring out the mystery of what is behind the Secret Door. Because of the co-operative principle, everyone is part of a team that discusses ideas and shares strategies. Other important skills of memory and logic get a workout, too.

Each game is different, exciting and tricky. That's why adults like playing along! Get the magnifying glass, Holmes, and let's get on with the Case. Midnight approaches! 

Includes: 12 x 12" board, clock cards, set of valuables, the secret door.

The materials and manufacturing methods used to make this game are environmentally friendly. The manufacturers use recycled boards and papers, soy-based inks, water based glues, safe paint on all wooden parts, recycled corrugate packaging and even the shrink film can be recycled.

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