Book - BOOMer Rules

Book - BOOMer Rules

Frank Glew

  • $10.00

(Grade JK-4) 

This is a timely book about nature that plays on the noisy "Jugarump" call made by a handsome, caring Bullfrog named Boomer.  Boomer is a gigantic Bullfrog who uses his loud, unforgettable song to become, surprisingly, the hero of the river.

"Jugarump!  Jugarump!  Our habitat is not a Dump." By example, he teaches all his friends how one frog can make a big difference by solving problems creatively.  Boomer becomes so popular he is awarded the Noble Frog Peace Prize.  The fact-filled book uses the interesting and humourous characteristics of the endangered Bullfrog to bring out the need for us to protect the Earth both locally and globally.

BOOMer represents the children's voice and plea for environmental care.

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