Fairy Door - Dreamweaver

Fairy Door - Dreamweaver

Sugar Bush Fairies

  • $33.95

Place these enchanted doors in your home or garden to create a mystical portal that allows the fae folk to travel between their realm and ours. Please remember that we, as humans, do not have the ability to open these doors, only the fairies can open them.

The Dreamweaver door is the perfect gift for someone who has trouble falling asleep or bad dreams. Let the magic of the dreamcatcher keep the bad dreams at bay.

This door is handcrafted from premium red cedar. The frame is a antiqued brownw, while the door insert is an antiqued blue. The door is given several coats of semi-gloss exterior finish to protect it from the elements.

The dreamcatcher, hinges and doorknob are zinc based. This allows the hardware to get a nice vintage look as it ages without rusting.

Door can be placed in your garden, on a tree or leaned against a special rock. Or if you prefer some fairy magic inside then place it on a shelf, along the baseboard, in a corner or hang it on a wall. Wherever you decide, it will make a snow sprite quite happy.

Door dimensions 6 3/4" x 3"

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