Changing times

Posted by Ian Rodhouse on

It was with great sadness that we closed our bricks and mortar store at the end of September 2017. We had been on the Danforth for 7 years and over the course of that time we made a lot of friends, saw families growing and most importantly reminded people of the importance of conscientious and conscious consumption habits. We will miss running the store and all the fascinating conversations we had with our many visitors over the time we were there. 

This change was not the end for the 100-Mile Child, merely a change. We still operate our website and have a great partnership with the Evegreen Brickworks Garden Market, where many of our best sellers can be picked up. The Brick Works is always a great location to visit and both of our little's have spent many happy hours exploring there. 

We look forward to opening up a new bricks and mortar location in the near future, and hope that we will see you there.

Thank you for the stories and smiles.

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